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1Аkzhunis A. Imanbaeva[Kazakhstan], Margarita Yu. Ishmuratova[Kazakhstan], Ainur T. Tuyakova[Kazakhstan]Screening of Mangystau Flora for Wild Relatives of Cultivated Plants2015, September2405
2Nikolai A. Bityukov[Russia]Silvicultural and Botanical Features of the Rocky Oak (Quercus Petraea Liebe) on the Black Sea Coast2015, September1934
3Galina A. Soltani[Russia]The Acclimatization of Yinquania Muchuanesis Z. Y. Zhu. on the Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus2015, September1857
4Aydar A. Sumbembayev[Kazakhstan]The Main Populations of Stipa Sareptana A. Beck. in the Zaisan Valley2016, March1806
5Adilkhan Zhangaziev[Kazakhstan], Sabit Nurbekov[Kazakhstan], Gulzakhira Amanova[Kazakhstan], Rustam Ukibaev[Kazakhstan]The Genetic Analysis of Species Characteristics of T. aethiopicum Jakubz2016, March1773
6Zh.V. Zagrebina[Russia]The Analysis of the Impact of Activated Water at the Cellular Level2016, March1756
7Yeskendir Y. Satekov[Kazakhstan], Balsulu B. Kushkimbayeva[Kazakhstan], Makpal B. Turabzhanova[Kazakhstan]Evaluation of Water Regime for Varieties of Iris in the Conditions of Mountain Taiga Zone in the Eastern Kazakhstan2016, March1745
8Aydar A. Sumbembaev[Kazakhstan], Alevtina N. Danilova[Kazakhstan]The Primary Breeding and Genetic Evaluation of Wild Fruit and Berry Plants in the South-Western Altai Mountain Systems2016, March1733
9Andrei N. Lesik[Russia]Altitudinal and Spatial Distribution of Forest Types in Sochi National Park2016, September1586
10Nikolai A. Bityukov[Russia], Lev M. Shagarov[Russia]The Estimation of Recreational Digression of Forests on the Sochi Black Sea Coast2016, September1574

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